A few thoughts on thinking

Photo by Julian Jagtenberg on Pexels.com

There are a few thoughts rattling around in my mind right now. For once, I’m thinking about the thoughts.

What are they about? What’s driving them? Are they worth hanging on to, or, like most thoughts, is it just best to let them go? I’ve been reading a book by Robert Wright called Why Buddhism is True. In it, he asks a lot of these sorts of questions, and leads the reader to do the same.

The reason I started reading the book is NOT because I’m considering a conversion to Buddhism (although the thought has crossed my mind at several time of my life). It’s because Wright draws some intriguing parallels between lessons the Buddha taught, and more contemporary psychology and philosophy. I think I may have hinted in my last post about my recent fascination with these areas.

I’m at the stage in my life that I’m unlikely (notice I’m not stating anything definitive) to go back to school, get another degree or change career directions. Notice, again, I’m saying “unlikely”. I’m too old to say never! Nothing is cast in stone.

This is going to be a short post, but I’d just like to leave you with these things:

Anything you learn about Buddhism (or any other religion), or anything about history or modern science is learning that is never wasted. I think the most valuable thing I’ve learned in recent months, myself, is to never stop learning, and never stop reading!