Swinging into fall…

I love fall. Late summer evenings get cooler, then chilly. The green in the trees around the lake is starting to shift ever-so-slightly to golds and russets. Dawn is later making an appearance. Dusk is earlier.

I guess the good is that I am maybe getting a little more sleep. The bad is that I’m just a little more resistant to getting on the treadmill or taking the dogs around the lake. I really don’t want to rush anything. I sometimes think that in a previous life that I might have been a tree. That time of the year to consider going dormant.

Not that my days are any less busy. It’s just that I’m maybe just a little more selective (away from full, omnipresent greens, to a little more of a variety of bright pastels).

Health-wise, I’m also becoming just a little more selective. And ready to set aside the not-stop snack food out on the deck, in favor of maybe a little more substantial and nutritionally sensitive meals around the dining room table. My mom’s homemade apple crisp recipe.

Okay. Now I’m hungry. Time to do some baking.

How does fall make you feel?