Open letter to Mark Zuckerberg

Hi Mark,

I’m not sure you realize it, but you and I go back a long way. Not in an intimately, personal sort of way, but it a way that you and I have enjoyed alot of the same things over the past 20 years.

Remember MySpace? It was a hugely successful social media company when Facebook was an unnamed, unknown on a university campus somewhere. MySpace, as you know, is no more. It’s a footnote, or worse, in the online universe. The reason I’m mentioning MySpace is this, Mark–I believe you are about to usher Facebook into same cyber netherworld.

Today, I got your latest “Dear John” letter. The one where you say I won’t be able to use my personal feed to let my friends know when I’ve written something new in my blog? All I’m going to do it invite ALL of my Facebook friends know that, and that they’ll have to subscribe personally to my blog, if they’d like to find out what I’m up to.

There aren’t a lot of us amateur bloggers, Mark. But the way things have been going along for you and Facebook, you can’t really afford to piss off anymore subscribers. Your subscriptions, and your stock prices, are in the toilet, and I’m telling you this as a friend, Mark, and as my momma used to say: When the only decisions you’re capable of making are bad ones, you’re better off stepping back and not making any at all!

So, if you’re waiting to get any votes of approval from me, it ain’t going to happen. Just waiting for the free press to find out that you’ve done the same thing to their newspapers–i.e. the New York Times, the Washington Post. Oh, by the way, Mark? If you ever had any aspirations to run for President? Forget them.

Remember who owns the Washington Post? Remember that Amazon guy, Jeff Bezos? He’s just as well known as you are. He’s probably at least as well liked, and he’s got more the bank. If I was a betting man, I’d say he’s got at least as good a shot at running for office as you do.

I left Facebook once, Mark. The next time it’s for good.

Talk soon.