Happy summer!

IMG_3435It’s been month’s since I’ve sat at the keyboard and began a blog article.

Today is my day off. That being said, the last time I wrote a blog post, every day was a day off. Now I have a real work week. It’s summer and the urge to enjoy the sun and not do much of anything has taken over with a vengeance.

I think PJ is feeling the vibe as well. He’s snoozing in his crate right now. I took him in for his three-year rabies shot morning. That’s all we’re doing for this year. My twelve-
year old chihuahua (I’m assured) has gotten past the point where he needs the full battery of injections. They have always made him ill the day he gets them, and at his age there is a high likelihood that he’s developed immunity to just about everything that the shots are for.

So, nothing to do but enjoy the sun.