How to be super creative…*

* …without trying any harder.

Yesterday, I shared with you some of my experiences with Pomodoro methods to increase productivity. As a reference, posted a link to Staffan Noteberg’s Pomodoro Technique Illustrated.

Here’s a little secret. Did you know that productivity and creativity are intimately related? Yes, if you are more productive in more PPD (Pomodoros Per Day), you will actually also be more creative.

Here’s how I figure it works. Granted I’m not a psychologist or economist (I don’t even play them on TV). However, I know from personal experience that one of the things that will certainly kill a creative streak is procrastination! If you are procrasinating–putting things off–you ain’t producing nothing! SO, fix the procrastination and you fix the lack of creativity.

NOTE TO BUDDING WRITERS: I’ve heard “writers’ block” defined as procrastination. You sit there–blocked–thinking of all the reasons you can’t write, all of the reasons you can’t do it now. Eventually the urge to write wears off, and there you are–stuck!

The same goes for just about any other creative endeavor. Playing or writing music, painting or sculpting or pottery, getting a speech together for your local public speaking group–you name it.

Did you know that less gets done between the hours of 2 and 3 p.m. than at any other time of day? Ok. It’s not true. I made it up. BUT, it kept me writing. Whatever you do, do something! That’s the secret to restarting a failed writing attempt, or just about any other creative endeavor. As the old Nike slogan says–Just Do It!

I’m writing this–my creativity article–in my second, writing Pomodoro on July 26, 2018. It wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t complete my first Pomodoro, which turned out to be the first blog article I wrote on productivity. Would it have happened if I wouldn’t have complete my two reading Pomodoros earlier. Just getting in and reading my Noteberg book got me going! And it got me going not for only 25 minutes (one Pomodoro), but for 4 Pomodoros (2 hours!)

I have some old writing projects I’ve been putting off. Once a year, there is a national writing event called NANOWRIMO. I participated in two NANOWRIMOs and never eally complete either. One project novel, I didn’t quite make the deadline. The second event, about a year or two later, I petered out about the second chapter. Close but no cookie.

I’m going to dig out these old, unfinished projects and complete them. Look for me on a paperback stand near you!

Wish me luck.