Sequel: Donald Trump told me to also cancel my Twitter account…

As sort of a follow up to last week’s post–you’ll recall I recently shut down my Facebook account–I’ve also been sorely tempted to deactivate my Twitter account(s) as well.

Three reasons that I haven’t moved ahead on this:

  • I still find Twitter somewhat entertaining (despite minor annoyances like Trump)
  • I still find Twitter useful for getting the word out on issues other than politics (for instance the current noise and air pollution caused by increase air traffic from Seattle Tacoma Airport).
  • and last, I don’t like being pushed around, influenced, by media bullies, like Trump or anybody else.

I remember someone (Emerson maybe?) saying, “There is nothing new about the news.” I am starting to look at all news in a new way. I now look at news as novel, entertaining, and only perhaps consequential. As someone else once said, “It sells newpapers.” Or as I read today while researching this article, “It’s all fake news.”

My own agenda? Right now, that is all about decreasing aircraft-generated air and noise pollution in Seattle an its surrounding communities. I realize that in another lifetime, these issues probably won’t exist. Technology will have either obliterated all life on the planet or it will have solved the livability problems around big airports in the middle of urban areas. At least that is my hope (the latter not the former). In the meantime, I hope that putting pressure on public officials and businesses that are the cause of the problem will help improve things.

Last, social media or any media as a political tool? I think I am at the stage in life when it really doesn’t move me much. I don’t find social media, or any media, as entertaining–as fascinating–as I once did. It takes a helluva lot more to sell me a newspaper. I get bored. And unless you have a particularly compelling value proposition, you will likely lose me very fast.

Am I lot different than friends and colleagues my age? Probably not.

Bye, Twitter.